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About Chiro Centre

Practice teamChiro Centre aims to provide the best up-to-date and evidence-based chiropractic care possible. Led by chiropractors Adrian Sheridan and Cindy Leung, we are a patient-centred practice. Our favourite part of coming to work each day is helping our patients and celebrating their achievements with them.

Our vision is to put you first and help you learn how to take control of your health. While maintenance care is inevitable for certain people and conditions, we want to empower you as much as possible to be independent rather than doing the “same old, same old” that forces you to visit us all the time.

We Invest in You; It’s the Right Thing to Do

Adrian once had a male patient come to see him after 10 years of visiting other chiropractors and medical professionals who couldn’t give him answers. The patient needed an accurate diagnosis, specific rehabilitation care and education on how to self-manage his pain. Adrian gave him all that and more, sending the man on his way, healed and able to manage future discomfort.

That patient saw us years later and asked why we didn’t try to string him along with continuous care, instead giving him the tools he needed to self-manage his health. The answer for us was simple: we cared about the patient’s convenience, and he more than repaid us by referring nine additional patients to our practice.

Feel at Ease in Our Comfortable Space

When we started Chiro Centre in 1992 when North Sydney was a large but medically underserved area. While there are more options and competitors nowadays, our practice is still a leading provider of chiropractic care in the area, especially for office workers.

Adrian and Cindy have called North Sydney their home for over three decades. To them, the city of Sydney feels more corporate, high-pressure and rushed. They love the quieter, more laid-back atmosphere of North Sydney.

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