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Orthotics in North Sydney

The feet are the body’s foundation, influencing overall alignment and stability. A ground-level problem could affect the ankle, knee, hip – any part of the kinetic chain – and how we move.

That’s one reason we offer Foot Levelers custom orthotics as part of our comprehensive services for natural wellness. Our team helps our patients improve their health and achieve their health goals.

Wellness Starts From the Ground Up

Our practice recognises the crucial connection between foot stability and spine stability. Addressing the root cause of the issue leads to long-lasting results. By incorporating custom orthotics into our care plans, we provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The Foot Levelers Difference

Foot Levelers is renowned for its commitment to advanced technology and innovation in orthotic design. These custom-made orthotics are developed based on a detailed scan of the person’s feet, ensuring a precise fit that supports their unique foot structure and addresses any imbalances. This individualized approach optimizes the body’s biomechanics and enhances overall wellbeing.

Woman on orthotic machineWhat to Expect During the Visit

When patients visit Chiro Centre, our team will begin with a thorough consultation to understand any concerns and goals. If Foot Levelers orthotics could benefit you, we’ll proceed with a comprehensive foot scan. This painless and non-invasive process provides valuable insights into your foot mechanics, helping us identify potential issues or imbalances.

Following the foot scan, our professionals collaborate to create a custom care plan. These custom orthotics will be designed to address the unique characteristics of your feet, accommodating your activity level and the types of shoes worn. This personalized approach ensures the orthotics seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, providing maximum comfort and support.

Most health funds typically cover custom orthotics. Our team will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth claims process.

The Right Step Matters

Don’t let foot discomfort or misalignment keep you from living your best life. Book an appointment with Chiro Centre and experience the transformative benefits of Foot Levelers custom orthotics. Contact us today!


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