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Latest Chiropractic Research

The field of spine, sport, pain management and rehabilitation is advancing rapidly. To stay up to date and contribute to the chiropractic profession Adrian Sheridan and Cindy Leung edit the Journal Club for the chiropractic association, Chiropractic Australia. This is our way of giving back to our profession and the community. We also provide regular research updates to our local and referring doctors.

The Chiropractic Australia Journal Club

The Chiropractic Australia Journal Club consists of over 3500 of the latest research articles sorted into 137 folders in Dropbox: Chiropractic Australia Journal Club Dropbox database

The Journal Club has been established to allow busy clinicians, doctors and our patients convenient access to the latest research via Dropbox.

  • The Archive consists of approximately 3500 research articles taken primarily from the last 5 years along with some earlier key research sorted into 137 folders in DropBox.
  • The articles in each folder are sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).
  • The most recent articles will initially appear in the “Latest Research” folder. This folder are added to every 2 weeks on the 1st and 15th of each month and with new articles replacing older articles which will be sorted into their relevant folders.
  • Patients and doctors interested in research can access the Dropbox database via the above hyperlink. Click on the hyperlink then click on “Download” top right followed by “Save to my Dropbox”. You will be prompted to sign in if you already have a FREE dropbox account or follow the prompts to set up a free account.
  • As we add new articles or sort them into folders it will automatically do the same to DropBox on your computer!


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