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Standing Office Exercises

Man standingTaking regular micro-breaks from prolonged sitting is important. Two simple exercises are the Standing Overhead Reach and the Wall Angel.

1. Standing Overhead Reach

This exercise stretches your sides and helps your core flexibility.

Start stand against the wall so you are not leaning forward or backward with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and hands by your side. With one hand reach high up and over your body holding for two seconds. Return to the start position then do the other arm. Repeat 5 – 6 times. Done.

2. Wall Angel

This exercise is helpful for poor posture and back pain at work.

Start with your heels, bottom, shoulders, arms and head flat against the wall with your abdominal/tummy muscles braced. Arms raised to shoulder height , elbows bent 90 degrees with your fingers pointing straight up. Now slide you arms down until your hands are at head height. Then slide your arms up with you arms and hands still on the wall until your arms are straight. Repeat 10 times. Done.


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