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Meet Our Team at Chiro Centre

Meet Our Chiropractors

The husband-wife duo Adrian Sheridan and Cindy Leung (Chiropractors) are the proud leaders of Chiro Centre. We’d like you to get to know them better!

Dr. Adrian Sheridan

Adrian: A Sudden, Injury-Related Career Shift

Adrian experienced his fair share of injuries over the 10 years of playing rugby. During one of the university’s science vs. engineering games, he was spread over the field like jam, prompting a chiropractic student on the sidelines to suggest Adrian see a chiropractor.

The experience led Adrian to switch from a Bachelor of Medical Science to the chiropractic program. He completed his Bachelor of Science at Sydney University, majoring in anatomy and physiology. Continuing his education, he obtained a Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University, where he now teaches.

Dr. Cindy Leung

Cindy: Always Interested in Helping Others

Cindy knew she wanted to look after people very early on. She was still in high school when she met a chiropractor at a career market day. He told her about chiropractic’s hands-on, conservative approach to care, which looked promising and felt like a natural fit for her.

The exchange had a long-lasting effect that led Cindy on a path to complete her Bachelor of Science in Anatomy at the University of New South Wales. Later, she attended Macquarie University to finish her Master’s in Chiropractic, where she met Adrian.

A Passion for Staying Active Outside the Office

With two sons and a chiropractic business to run, Cindy and Adrian stay busy. They both enjoy scuba diving, and Cindy likes cooking and baking.

The couple stays current on the latest studies and research within the health field while editing Chiropractic Australia’s Journal Club, a valuable resource on current best practices and care methods. Adrian and Cindy are also both members of Chiropractic Australia and Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA).

StephanieMeet Your Massage Therapist, Stephanie Jones

The Chiro Centre staff also includes an experienced massage therapist, Stephanie Jones. She has been practising massage therapy since 1996. She is a master of both deep remedial massage, to relieve and correct specific muscular problems, as well as relaxation massage, for general wellbeing.

Today, Take Your First Step Toward Healing

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