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Exercise and Rehabilitation at Chirocentre North Sydney and Burwood

Exercise and rehabilitation are an important part of chiropractic care provided at Chirocentre Burwood and North Sydney. They allow the patient to actively care for their spine, shoulder, hips, knees, all their bones, joints and muscles.

Exercises over the years have become more and more complicated so we have tried to make them simple and fun. So what is the ideal exercise for you?
Its any exercise or movement that you enjoy doing be it walking, running, gym, pilates, high intensity exercise or just playing in the park with the grandchildren and giving them a big hug.

The drop down exercise menu has the latest exercises with helpful video’s and advice.
We will be adding and expanding them as latest research, best practice and latest guidelines are updated.
The underlying theme will be keep it simple and fun then you will do them.

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