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Health Is Normal

Freedom of movement of the spine and frame is the foundation of a healthy and productive life. It is all about how your body moves and interacts with the surrounding environment. Therefore a key focus of our practice is to correct or enhance and maintain physical movement and the neurological control of human stability, posture and balance using treatment strategies, exercise programs and lifestyle/workplace advice based upon the latest research in spinal and joint function and control.

Chronic pain can have huge impact on how you interact with the environment. These “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL) are very important for a healthy happy life. Working in the garden, sitting at work, picking up the children and grandchildren, playing sport, going for a walk, shopping, sleeping and going on holiday without the fear of pain and the associated stress, anxiety and frustration. We are made to move!

Genetics. The newest fall guy is having a “bad gene.” Yet, DNA expression is often a reaction to our environment.

We consider a much more significant influence to your health: the integrity of your nervous system.

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